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what brought me here?

Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine having a career I love as much as this. I was blessed with an open mind, an urge for more then a 9-5, the desire to connect with people from all walks of life and the ability to be my authentic self.

To meet so many amazing people has truly been a blessing, given me a sense of empowerment and a sense of self I doubt I'll ever be fully able to put into words.

what brought you here?

Well if I had to guess, it could be my bright blue eyes that can connect to the inner most desires of your soul or my dimpled smile that makes all your worries melt far far away. My sense of humour that can make you have that deep belly laugh, you know that one from when you were a young and times were simpler. The soft authentic touch of a woman you met 5 minutes ago but you somehow feel like you've known a lifetime.

We haven't met yet? Well I guess you'll have to tell me what brought you here, an authentic honest conversation to open the doors to pure judgement free intimacy where heaven and sin go hand in hand.

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